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Exclusive: Alfonso Ribeiro Confesses Needing to Inquire About Ariana Madix’s Identity After Her ‘DWTS’ Casting

Despite not knowing the first and only cast member who has been revealed thus far, Alfonso Ribeiro is excited to host the new season of Dancing With the Stars. He might not know who the candidate is, but his enthusiasm for the programme hasn’t waned.

Alfonso Ribeiro is well-suited to bring his charisma and experience to the stage as a seasoned host and past dance competition champion, resulting in a fun experience for both the competitors and the audience. With his contagious enthusiasm and dancing background, Ribeiro is poised to deliver another fantastic season of Dancing With the Stars, regardless of his familiarity with the cast.

ET’s Kevin Frazier had the opportunity to interview Alfonso Ribeiro, the returning co-host of DWTS and a former Mirrorball trophy champion, during the American Century Championship held in South Lake Tahoe. The event was organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of American Century Investments, the sponsor of the celebrity golf tournament.

Kevin Frazier asked Ribeiro about his anticipation for the forthcoming Dancing With the Stars season during the interview. As a previous winner of the coveted Mirrorball trophy, Alfonso Ribeiro brings his firsthand experience and knowledge of the competition to his role as co-host.

The setting for the interview was the picturesque South Lake Tahoe, where the American Century Championship took place. The tournament brought together notable celebrities and athletes, providing a vibrant atmosphere for the celebration of American Century Investments’ milestone anniversary.

Alfonso Ribeiro, amidst the golf tournament festivities, discussed his anticipation for the new season of DWTS, demonstrating his enthusiasm for the show’s return. He has become a staple of the Dancing With the Stars franchise as both a host and a previous winner, grabbing viewers’ attention with his charisma and prowess.

The interview with Kevin Frazier served as a platform for Ribeiro to express his excitement, despite not being familiar with the first cast member announced for the upcoming season. His passion for the show and dedication to delivering an entertaining experience for viewers remained unwavering.

The forthcoming season of Dancing With the Stars promises to be a captivating and unforgettable trip for both the contestants and the public thanks to Ribeiro’s hosting abilities and his personal success on the dance floor.

Alfonso Ribeiro reminisced about the day he discovered Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix would be joining the cast and competing on the dance floor for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars during his conversation with Kevin Frazier. Ribeiro revealed that Madix had made the exciting announcement during an episode of Good Morning America earlier in the month.

The revelation of Ariana Madix’s participation in the show added to Ribeiro’s anticipation and eagerness for the new season. While he may not have been familiar with her before the announcement, Ribeiro acknowledged the star power and talent that Madix would bring to the competition.

Alfonso Ribeiro, a seasoned host and previous champion, is aware of the thrill and anxiety associated with competing on Dancing With the Stars. He remarked how excited he was to work with Madix and how much he was looking forward to seeing her dance journey play out on the show.

The new season of Dancing With the Stars, with a variety of personalities and skills on the dance floor, promises to be even more intriguing and diversified with Ariana Madix joining the cast. Ribeiro’s excitement for the show, combined with the addition of Madix, sets the stage for an exhilarating and unforgettable season.

Alfonso Ribeiro explained that he finds it amusing because he is no longer actively involved in television, and as a result, he has lost touch with the current roster of personalities. His focus has shifted towards his children and family, occupying most of his time and attention.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s remark reflects his personal priorities and the stage of life he is in. While he may have once been deeply immersed in the television industry, his current focus lies on nurturing his family and being present for his children.

This shift in perspective highlights Alfonso Ribeiro’s commitment to his role as a parent and his desire to create a nurturing and supportive environment for his loved ones. Despite his lack of familiarity with current television figures, Ribeiro remains dedicated to his family and cherishes the moments he shares with them.

His statement reveals a genuine detachment from the entertainment world, emphasizing the importance of his family as the central focus of his life. Ribeiro’s involvement in DWTS serves as an opportunity for him to bring his expertise and passion for dance to the show while still maintaining a balanced life centered around his loved ones.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Surprise: Admitting to Inquiring About Ariana Madix’s Identity

In a lighthearted tone, Ribeiro disclosed that he had to reach out to Deena Katz, the executive producer and head of casting for DWTS, to inquire about Ariana Madix’s identity because he genuinely had no clue. He humorously admitted that he is not attentive to television personalities unless they are from shows he actively watches.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s genuine lack of awareness showcases his detachment from keeping up with the latest TV personalities. He playfully mentioned that he had never seen Madix before but acknowledged her association with Vanderpump Rules.

Although Madix’s casting had been announced recently, Ribeiro revealed that he remains completely clueless about the rest of the upcoming season’s cast. The names of the other contestants are set to be unveiled on September 13 during Good Morning America.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s admission highlights his focus on other aspects of his life and reinforces the fact that he will approach hosting the show with a fresh perspective and an open mind. His lack of preconceived notions about the cast members will likely bring an element of spontaneity and genuine reactions to his hosting duties on Dancing With the Stars.

Alfonso Ribeiro emphasized that he currently has no knowledge of any other confirmed cast members for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. He stated that he usually receives some advanced information about the cast, but as of now, no other names have been shared with him.

While acknowledging that the show’s producers may have some potential participants in mind, Ribeiro confirmed that he has not been informed about any additional cast members at this point.

His remarks imply that casting is still taking place and that the cast for the following season is still being finalised by the producers. Ribeiro’s disclosure further highlights his genuine lack of knowledge about the remaining contestants, creating an air of suspense and anticipation for both the viewers and himself as the host of the show.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Refreshing Approach: Embracing the Unknown Cast of ‘DWTS’ Season 32

Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars will mark the show’s return to ABC after a single season stint on Disney+. The move back to ABC brings the beloved dance competition back to its original network home.

Longtime judge Len Goodman, who passed away on April 24, 2023, at the age of 78, will also be missed throughout this season. Goodman had retired from the show several months before his passing, leaving a void in the judging panel that will be deeply felt by both the contestants and viewers.

Alfonso Ribeiro will be back as a co-host for the upcoming season, which is a plus. Joining him as the new co-host will be former Dancing With the Stars professional dancer Julianne Hough. This dynamic duo is expected to bring their combined expertise and vibrant personalities to the stage, ensuring an engaging and entertaining season for the audience.

Dancing With the Stars is expected to resume in September, though a precise premiere date has not yet been revealed. The brilliant performances, heated competition, and gripping moments that have made the series a fan favourite for years can be anticipated by fans of the show when the new season makes its premiere.

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