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Aliyah Boston and A’ja Wilson Bring South Carolina Connection to WNBA All-Star Game

In Aliyah Boston’s inaugural game for South Carolina, she achieved a remarkable feat by recording a triple-double, making her the first player in the history of Division I college basketball to accomplish this in their debut.

This achievement also marked the seventh triple-double in the history of South Carolina’s basketball program, a remarkable statistic that didn’t even include A’ja Wilson, a former player and integral part of the 2017 South Carolina national championship team. The impressive performance by Boston only intensified the comparisons drawn between her and Wilson, further raising the already high expectations surrounding Boston’s collegiate career.

Following their successful college careers at South Carolina, both Aliyah Boston and A’ja Wilson have continued to meet and exceed expectations in the professional basketball world. Despite their relatively short time since leaving the university, Boston has already contributed to securing a second national championship for South Carolina.

Now, in 2023, they will have the opportunity to play together as teammates in the WNBA All-Star Game. Their exceptional skills and widespread recognition have established them as two of the most prominent and elite players in the league. Representing Team Wilson, with Boston on the roster, they will compete against Breanna Stewart’s team at the Michelob Ultra Arena on Saturday, with the game scheduled to air on ABC at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Despite the natural inclination to compare Aliyah Boston’s abilities to those of A’ja Wilson, the latter has consistently avoided such comparisons. Wilson has chosen to encourage Boston to shine in her own right and be recognized for her unique talents, style, and accomplishments. However, their connection and camaraderie have always been evident.

Wilson has demonstrated her support by celebrating alongside the South Carolina national championship team in 2021, and more recently, by selecting Boston as the fifth overall pick during the All-Star Draft this month. Their bond remains strong, with Wilson providing guidance and recognition while allowing Boston to carve out her own path and make her mark in the basketball world.

During the All-Star Draft broadcast, A’ja Wilson expressed her unwavering support for the Gamecocks, stating, “Gamecocks, we’re going to hold it down, always, forever to be.” When announcing her selection of Aliyah Boston, Wilson emphasized that Boston didn’t need any additional preparation because their coach, Dawn Staley, had already equipped them for these significant moments.

Wilson confidently predicted that Boston would thrive under the spotlight and shine brightly in the All-Star Game, expressing her excitement for what Boston would bring to the event. Their shared connection as Gamecocks further solidifies their bond and reinforces their commitment to representing their alma mater on a grand stage.

The lasting connection between A’ja Wilson and Aliyah Boston serves as a testament to the formidable program constructed by their coach, Dawn Staley, at South Carolina. This connection goes beyond the mere achievement of winning college basketball games. Similar to the University of Connecticut’s legacy, South Carolina strives to not only excel in collegiate basketball but also to effectively prepare its players for their aspirations at the professional level.

Staley’s leadership and coaching philosophy have established a powerhouse program that prioritizes the development and success of players, ensuring they are equipped to pursue their dreams beyond the college stage. South Carolina’s commitment to player preparation and empowerment has solidified its reputation as a program dedicated to nurturing talent and facilitating the transition to the next level of basketball.

During a recent video call with reporters, A’ja Wilson praised Coach Staley’s ability to not only prepare players physically but also mentally for the professional basketball world. Wilson highlighted Staley’s emphasis on developing a professional mindset, which includes discipline and focus in all aspects of life.

Thanks to Staley’s guidance, Wilson entered the league with a well-established mindset, understanding how to navigate the challenges, make strategic decisions, and surround herself with the right people both on and off the court. Wilson emphasized that Coach Staley’s influence went beyond basketball skills, encompassing a holistic approach that prepared her for the demands of being a professional athlete. By instilling a strong mental foundation, Staley has empowered her players to excel and make informed choices in their careers.

A’ja Wilson acknowledged that Coach Staley has been instrumental in guiding South Carolina players through the transition to the professional level. Staley’s support and guidance have effectively helped players navigate the challenges and expectations of being a professional athlete. Prior to Wilson’s entry into the WNBA as the number one draft pick in 2018, the South Carolina program had only produced one All-Star player in Shannon Johnson.

However, Wilson quickly made her mark and was named an All-Star in her rookie season, showcasing her exceptional talent. Since then, Wilson has gone on to become a two-time MVP and has earned All-Star honors in each of her opportunities, with the exception of the 2020 game which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wilson’s consistent recognition as an All-Star reflects her outstanding performance and impact in the league.

Aliyah Boston’s Impact: A Rising Star in the WNBA All-Star Game

A’ja Wilson’s impressive accomplishments continue to accumulate as she leads the way in the WNBA All-Star Game. This marks her third time serving as a captain and her second consecutive year as the top fan vote-earner. Wilson’s stellar performance on the court is reflected in her statistics, averaging 19.7 points (ranking sixth), 9.3 rebounds (ranking fifth), and 2.1 blocks (ranking first) for the league-leading Las Vegas Aces (19-2) at the midseason break. Additionally, she tops the league in win shares with 5.9, according to Her Hoops Stats.

On the other hand, Aliyah Boston has already made an impact in her rookie season. She becomes the eighth rookie in WNBA history to earn the honor of being an All-Star starter, a distinction not achieved since 2014. Boston’s remarkable performance has earned her the fourth spot in the fan vote. Despite being just two months into her professional career, she has already showcased her ability to be a transformative player for the Indiana Fever. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed, as she has quickly made her mark as a franchise-changing player for her team.

Aliyah Boston expressed that her primary goal upon entering the WNBA was to adapt quickly to the professional level. As time has passed and she has gained more experience, she feels she has been successful in adjusting to the challenges of facing teams multiple times. Despite her progress, being named an All-Star was not something Boston anticipated or had on her list of goals.

When Commissioner Cathy Engelbert called to deliver the news while the Indiana Fever were in Las Vegas for games against A’ja Wilson and the Aces, Boston tried to remain composed while receiving the exciting announcement at the airport. She shared her joy with her family through a group chat, eager to share the unexpected news with them.

Aliyah Boston has been making a significant impact for the Indiana Fever throughout the season. Currently, she is averaging 15.4 points (ranking 20th), 8.4 rebounds (ranking eighth), and 1.3 blocks (ranking 10th). Despite the team’s challenging record of 5-15, with 12 of those losses being by single digits, Boston has consistently demonstrated her skills and contributions on the court. Notably, she has been incredibly efficient, shooting 61% from the field.

This shooting percentage is the highest among players attempting at least three shots per game, highlighting her exceptional accuracy. Furthermore, her recognition in the player vote, where she ranked sixth among frontcourt players, further validates her deserving spot on the All-Star team. Boston’s impact and presence on the Fever have been instrumental, even in close games and challenging circumstances.

In addition to Aliyah Boston, A’ja Wilson also selected her close friend and Atlanta Dream guard Allisha Gray, who is making her first All-Star appearance. Gray, a member of the 2017 championship-winning South Carolina team, joins a roster primarily consisting of Wilson’s Las Vegas Aces teammates and other connections from their Gamecocks days.

The South Carolina Connection: Aliyah Boston and A’ja Wilson Representing Gamecocks at the All-Star Event

On the other hand, Breanna Stewart assembled a team with former New York Liberty players and her former teammates from the Seattle Storm. Notably, there are currently eight South Carolina players in the WNBA, showcasing the notable presence of Gamecocks alumnae in the league. This high number of South Carolina players in the WNBA ranks among the largest alumnae groups from a single college in the nation.

South Carolina and Notre Dame are tied for the highest number of players representing their program in the 2023 WNBA All-Star Game. South Carolina’s representatives include A’ja Wilson and Aliyah Boston, while Notre Dame is represented by Arike Ogunbowale, Jackie Young, and Jewell Loyd. Interestingly, among the past four NCAA champions, South Carolina is the only program to have an All-Star player in this year’s game.

Connecticut, a renowned basketball powerhouse, has two players from their program in the All-Star Game: Breanna Stewart and Napheesa Collier. Connecticut has a rich history of producing numerous WNBA players, with many of them being selected as top picks in the draft.

Oregon also has two representatives in the All-Star Game, with Sabrina Ionescu and Satou Sabally. In the 2020 WNBA Draft, Ionescu was selected as the first overall pick, followed by Sabally as the second overall pick. Both players hail from the University of Oregon.

These programs have made a significant impact in the WNBA by producing talented players who have excelled at the professional level. Their representation in the All-Star Game showcases the continued success and influence of these basketball powerhouses.


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