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Ashley Benson, Beloved Star of “Pretty Little Liars,” Finds Love and Gets Engaged to Brandon Davis: Declares Him the ‘Love of My Life’

After a brief courtship that was made public earlier this year, Ashley Benson, well known for her part in “Pretty Little Liars,” is getting married to Brandon Davis.

Sharing her joy on Friday, the 33-year-old actress posted images of her exquisite engagement ring on her Instagram story. One of the photos was initially shared by her fiancé, accompanied by the sweet caption “love of my life.”

USA TODAY has requested a reaction from Benson’s representative in light of this fantastic news. Benson, 33, and Davis, 43, were rumoured to be dating beginning in January. Their relationship was later confirmed in February, according to People.

Despite her fame, Benson is known for her preference to keep her personal life private. As the founder of perfume company Ash, she has previously expressed her desire to keep her relationships out of the spotlight.

In a candid interview with Cosmopolitan UK in 2021, Ashley Benson opened up about the challenges of dealing with public opinions. She expressed her frustration with having to remain silent while others discuss and speculate about her personal life.

When she looked back on the experience, she remarked, “The most annoying part is having to sit back and be quiet while everybody talks about you and you have to deal with it.”

Benson emphasised that opinions and remarks made by others might not accurately represent who she is. According to her, “People can say whatever they want about me, but unless you know me, you really don’t know anything at all.” This thought emphasises her wish to keep her connections private and avoid letting others’ opinions define who she truly is.

Despite her preference for privacy, Ashley Benson has occasionally shared glimpses of her relationship with Brandon Davis on Instagram. Last month, she only shared a few images of the two of them. In June, the couple traveled to Italy to celebrate a friend’s wedding, and Benson couldn’t help but share her joy.

Alongside stunning photos from the event, she expressed her gratitude and wrote, “Had the most amazing time celebrating the two of you….what a beautiful wedding.” These posts offered a rare glimpse into their romantic journey and highlighted the happiness they experienced while celebrating their friends’ special day.

Ashley Benson: Benson’s Previous Relationship with Model Cara Delevingne and Recent Endeavors

According to People, Brandon Davis comes from a notable background as the grandson of the late Marvin Davis, a prominent figure in the oil industry. Model Cara Delevingne and Benson had a past relationship that was widely publicised.

However, I don’t have information about Cara Delevingne’s appearance at the 2023 Oscars or her sharing about sobriety, as my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021. For the latest updates on celebrities and events, I recommend referring to reliable news sources or checking Cara Delevingne’s official social media accounts.


Is Ashley Benson currently dating anyone?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Ashley Benson was reportedly in a relationship with Brandon Davis. However, for the most up-to-date information, it’s best to check reliable news sources or Ashley Benson’s social media accounts.

What is Ashley Benson known for?

The most well-known character Ashley Benson has played is Hanna Marin in the hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars.” Throughout the course of the programme, she received a great deal of praise for the role she played.

Has Ashley Benson been in any other TV shows or movies?

Yes, apart from “Pretty Little Liars,” Ashley Benson has appeared in various other TV shows and movies. Some notable projects include films like “Spring Breakers,” “Pixels,” and “Her Smell.” She has also made appearances in TV series such as “Eastwick” and “Days of Our Lives.”

Does Ashley Benson have any other career ventures?

Ashley Benson is also the founder of a perfume company called Ash. She has been involved in the fragrance industry and has launched her own line of perfumes.

Is Ashley Benson active on social media?

Yes, Ashley Benson has been active on social media platforms like Instagram. She often shares updates, glimpses of her personal life, and occasionally interacts with her fans through her social media accounts.

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