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Bella Hadid’s Pals Play Matchmaker, but She’s Loving the Single Life Post Marc Kalman Breakup

Hey there, folks! Have you heard the news about Bella Hadid? You know, the stunning supermodel who can slay a runway like nobody’s business. Well, it seems she’s back on the market after parting ways with her former flame, Marc Kalman. But hold your horses, because Bella Hadid not in a rush to jump back into the dating game just yet!

According to a super-secret insider (okay, maybe not that secret), Bella Hadid is taking some much-deserved “me time.” And honestly, who can blame her? Adjusting to the single life can be a rollercoaster ride. But fear not, dear friends, for our girl Bella Hadid is handling it with style and grace. She’s got this!

Bella Hadid Embraces Single Life: Friends Play Matchmaker After Marc Kalman Split

Her friends, being the good buddies they are, have been itching to play matchmaker. But Bella’s like, “Nah, not feeling it right now.” You go, girl! When you’re not in the mood, ain’t nobody gonna push you, right?

You might remember that bella hadid decided to bid farewell to the world of booze back in 2022. Big props to her! Sobriety looks stunning on her, just like those designer outfits she rocks on the catwalk. And guess what? That’s her top priority at the moment – self-love and well-being. Oh, and let’s not forget her kick-ass career. You don’t mess with Bella’s hustle!

bella hadid
bella hadid

She’s not just a pretty face, folks. She’s got brains and sass!

Now, don’t you go thinking that the breakup was some nasty drama. No, sir! There are no hard feelings on either side, so you can put those tabloids away. bella hadid and Marc decided to go their separate ways peacefully. You know, like two mature adults. Respect!

But wait, let’s rewind a bit. Back in 2020, when the world was a little less crazy, bella hadid and Marc were spotted together, raising some eyebrows. A year later, bella hadid spilled the beans on social media, confirming their relationship. About time, right? It’s like waiting for your pizza to arrive – pure agony!

And why did they keep things hush-hush for so long? According to Bella, keeping personal stuff private is the way to go. Less drama, more romance! Wise words, indeed.

Before Marc, bella hadid had a thing with the uber-talented musician, The Weeknd. Yep, it was a public love fest. But hey, hearts break, right? bella hadid opened up about it, admitting that it wasn’t a walk in the park. Love can be a pain, but our girl knows how to handle it like a champ.

So, there you have it! bella hadid Hadid is embracing singlehood, raising her glass of non-alcoholic goodness (in a fancy glass, of course), and working that runway like the boss she is. No rush to find a new beau – she’s taking her time, and she’s just fine on her own.

Keep shining, bella hadid! The world can’t wait to see what you conquer next. And hey, if you ever need a wing woman for your dating adventures, you know who to call! 😉


Did Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman have a messy breakup?

Not at all! Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman’s split was amicable, and there are no hard feelings between them. They remain on friendly terms even after parting ways.

Is Bella Hadid currently dating anyone after her breakup with Marc Kalman?

As of now, Bella Hadid is happily single and not dating anyone. She’s focusing on herself, her well-being, and her successful career.

Why did Bella and Marc Kalman keep their relationship private for so long?

Bella and Marc chose to keep their romance under wraps to avoid unnecessary drama and interference. They believed that maintaining privacy allowed their relationship to thrive.

How did Bella cope with her breakup from The Weeknd in the past?

Bella admitted that her breakup from The Weeknd was tough, as it was her first major public split. Despite the pain, she handled it with grace and resilience, acknowledging that love can be challenging.

What prompted Bella Hadid to embrace sobriety in October 2022?

Bella made the decision to give up alcohol in October 2022, expressing pride in her sobriety. She’s focused on her well-being and career, finding strength in her newfound lifestyle.

How did Bella announce her relationship with Marc Kalman?

Hadid confirmed her romance with Marc Kalman via social media in July 2021. She shared a series of photos, including a cozy snap of them together, expressing that it was the “time of her life” alongside heart and fire emojis.

Is Bella Hadid open to dating in the future after her split from Marc Kalman?

Yes, Hadid is open to dating in the future. While she’s currently enjoying her single life and focusing on herself, she’ll get back into the dating scene when the right time comes. For now, she’s content and happy being on her own.

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