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Buc-ee’s is on the Move: Ohio Gears Up for the Friendly Beaver’s Arrival, Confirms Local Mayor

Hey there, folks! Hold onto your snack bags because we’ve got some exciting news buzzing around. It looks like Buc-ee’s, that beaver mascot we all know and love, is packing its bags and heading into Ohio!

Now, let me tell you, the mayor of Huber Heights, Ohio, is over the moon about this. Mayor Jeff Gore couldn’t contain his excitement and took to Facebook to share the big news.

And by big, I mean mega! He spilled the beans that the very first Buc-ee’s in the whole state of Ohio is making its way to Huber Heights, just a hop and a skip away from Dayton.

Hold up, there were rumors, and guess what? They’re all true! Buckle up, because this beaver wonderland is setting up shop at the intersection of 235 and 70, right there in the northeast corner of Huber Heights.

And just to clear things up, it’s definitely Huber Heights, not New Carlisle or Park Layne. No mix-ups here, folks!

Guess what? The Buc-ee’s team will even be strutting their stuff at the planning commission meeting on Tuesday, August 15. That’s like the beaver marching band setting the stage for a grand entrance.

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Ohio Gets Ready to Embrace Buc-ee’s Extravaganza

Get ready for some serious fuel, because you won’t need to take a road trip to Kentucky anymore to score your beef jerky and brisket sandwiches. Yep, you heard it right – Buc-ee’s is bringing its Texas-sized delights to Ohio!

Now, let’s talk real estate. This beaver kingdom is going to be huge. We’re talking a whopping 52-acre spot on IH-70 and Alt IH-70. That’s like having your own amusement park! Get this – they’re planning a massive 120 fueling stations, nearly 700 parking spots, and even 24 spots for those cool Tesla cars.

Oh, and did I mention 11 spaces for buses and RVs? It’s like a travel party over there. And the cherry on top? A whopping 74,000 square feet building. Yep, you’ll have plenty of space to explore, shop, and snack!

Okay, okay, let’s keep it real. This might not be the biggest Buc-ee’s you’ve seen, but hey, it’s still huge. And Ohio, get ready to welcome the beaver with open arms because we know it’s gonna be a blast.

image source instagram@bucees

Hold onto your hats, because Buc-ee’s has been making waves lately. They started out in Texas back in 1982, and since then, they’ve been popping up all over the place. They’ve gone beyond the Texas borders and waved their beaver tails in Tennessee, Florida, and even Colorado!

So, Ohio, get your taste buds ready and your tanks fueled up because the beaver bonanza is coming your way. And if you’re wondering what’s so special about Buc-ee’s, well, let’s just say it’s like a candy store for grown-ups, with snacks, treats, and surprises galore.

So, get ready, Ohioans, because Buc-ee’s is about to show you what it’s all about – good times, good snacks, and that friendly beaver smile!



Q: What is Buc-ee’s, and why is everyone talking about it in Ohio?

A: famous gas station and retail chain with a friendly beaver as its mascot. It’s known for its massive stores, tasty snacks, and unique merchandise. People in Ohio are buzzing about it because the first Buc-ee’s location is making its way into the state!

Q: Where exactly will the store be located in Ohio?

A: The Buc-ee’s store is planned to be situated at the intersection of 235 and 70 in Huber Heights, Ohio. So, if you’re in that area, get ready for some beaver magic!

Q: What can visitors expect to find at the Ohio Buc-ee’s store?

A: You’re in for a treat! The store will be pretty spacious, with 120 fueling stations, around 700 parking spots, special Tesla parking spots, and even spaces for buses and RVs. And of course, there will be a variety of goodies, snacks, and treats that Buc-ee’s is famous for.

Q: When will the Ohio Buc-ee’s be opening its doors?

A: While the exact opening date hasn’t been mentioned, representatives from Buc-ee’s are gearing up to be at the planning commission meeting on Tuesday, August 15. So, keep an ear out for updates – the beaver’s arrival is on the horizon!

Q: Is Buc-ee’s only in Ohio, or can we find it elsewhere too?

A: Buc-ee’s is like a traveler’s delight that’s been spreading its wings beyond its Texas origins. In recent years, it has set up shop in states like Tennessee, Florida, and Colorado. So, while Ohio is getting its own taste of Buc-ee’s magic, it’s not the only lucky state!

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