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WWE Smackdown: Dwayne Johnson Playfully Roasted for Being MIA in the Wrestling Ring Lately

On the Babyfaces podcast, Grayson Waller spilled the beans about not being all smiles with Dwayne Johnson’s recent moves. This all goes back to their chat earlier, where they compared notes on how they got their start at Madison Square Garden.

The whole thing went down on Twitter, but it’s like they left us hanging without a final episode. So, when they asked Waller about those tweets with The Rock, he spilled, “I was done with The Rock faster than it takes to microwave popcorn.

He tossed me a meh comeback in his tweet, and I was like, ‘Okay, moving on.’ I was actually trying to toss him a lifeline. I took the scenic route to make The Rock WWE-relevant again.

Dwayne Johnson
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The Rock’s Absence: A Wrestling Scene Without Dwayne Johnson

Now, I get it. He’s like the world’s mega star. Everyone knows The Rock – he’s basically wrestling royalty. But when it’s WWE time, it’s all about what you’ve been cooking up lately. And lately, he’s been on a bit of a hiatus from the action.

So, there I was, trying to slide him back in, give him a stage before Roman [Roman Reigns] and the Bloodline crew hog it all. They’ve got this whole epic tale unfolding.” Word’s out that Dwayne Johnson might be plotting a WWE comeback, maybe even at the blockbuster Summer Slam.

Fans have been sitting on their hands since his last ring dance with Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32. Yeah, he’s popped in here and there since then, but fans are like, “Come on, bring on The Rock for a big showdown!” Dave Meltzer, who’s got his ear to the mat as a big-shot wrestling reporter, isn’t fully sure what The Rock’s cooking up, even with a net worth that can probably buy a few islands.

Buzz and Anticipation: The Rock’s Potential WWE Return

Meltzer’s like the riddle master in this whole Rock return puzzle. He’s like, “I asked around if someone’s cooking something, and they’re like, ‘Maybe, maybe not.’ So, who’s got the scoop? Not me. I’m not placing bets if Dwayne Johnson’s jumping back into the ring.

But if he’s diving in, it better be for a stadium filled with 50,000 fans, like here in Detroit. I can’t tell you what his exact game plan is, but I do know he’s got more hustle than a coffee maker during a power outage.”

So, there you have it. The Rock’s got the world guessing, Meltzer’s playing detective, and we’re all just watching the show. But who knows, maybe we’ll get to smell what The Rock is cooking in the ring again!

FAQs About Dwayne Johnson in WWE

Q: Has Dwayne Johnson been making appearances in WWE lately?

A: Not really. While Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is a wrestling legend, he hasn’t been showing up in WWE rings too often recently.

Q: Why is Grayson Waller calling out Dwayne Johnson?

A: Grayson Waller voiced his thoughts on The Rock’s absence from recent WWE action. He playfully suggested that The Rock could use a wrestling comeback to add some spice to the WWE scene.

Q: Is Dwayne Johnson planning a return to WWE?

A: There have been rumors, but nothing’s confirmed. Fans have been hoping to see The Rock back in the ring, especially after his WrestleMania 32 appearance against Erick Rowan.

Q: How does Dave Meltzer view The Rock’s potential WWE return?

A: Dave Meltzer, a respected wrestling journalist, is unsure about Dwayne Johnson’s WWE plans. He mentioned that if The Rock does return, it might be for a big event with thousands of fans in attendance.

Q: How significant is Dwayne Johnson’s impact on WWE history?

A: Dwayne Johnson is a wrestling icon and one of the most well-known professional wrestlers ever. His charisma and talent left a lasting mark on WWE, contributing to its popularity and growth.

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