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GeekWire Calendar: Nordic Innovation Summit

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Nordic Innovation Summit: Exploring the Latest in Innovation for 2023

Nordic Innovation Summit

Introducing the Theme of the Nordic Innovation Summit 2023: “Sustaining Sustainability Through Turbulent Times”

In the face of mounting challenges, the pursuit of sustainability and green innovation has become increasingly crucial. Sustainability as a business priority in the United States has become a prominent and politically charged topic. Conversely, the Nordic countries enjoy extensive and enduring political and public support for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives in business.

Echoing the sentiments of Nicolai Tagen, CEO of the Norwegian Petroleum Fund, who emphasizes the importance of responsible business practices beyond mere politics, the Nordic Innovation Summit 2023 will address the mounting challenges faced in sustainability efforts. This gathering will unite founders, corporate leaders, and other innovators from Nordic countries and the United States to showcase businesses and projects that exemplify the potential for success through ethical and sustainable practices. The Summit will emphasize the notion of doing well by doing good, highlighting the need and opportunity for businesses to create positive environmental and social impacts.

We invite you to join us in exploring the cutting-edge advancements in green technology, as we share inspiring success stories and uncover opportunities to foster positive change. Whether you are a passionate sustainability advocate or approach the topic with skepticism, our event promises to offer thought-provoking content and speakers who will challenge your perspectives. Be prepared to discover new business prospects and ideas that may reshape your thinking.

Secure your spot now and take advantage of our early bird special by purchasing your event registration. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from industry leaders, engage in meaningful discussions, and expand your network among like-minded peers.

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