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Helen Skelton’s Divorce from Richie Myler Officially Concludes as She Opens Up About Heartbreaking Concern

So, folks, here’s the scoop: Helen Skelton, the charming Countryfile star, and rugby hero Richie Myler have officially uncoupled. Yes, you read that right – decree nisi has been issued, which sounds all legal and official, but it basically means they’re one step closer to officially calling it quits.

Now, why the parting of ways? Well, it’s like this: they decided to go their separate paths back in April 2022, right after welcoming their third kiddo into the world. They’d been partners-in-crime for a solid nine years and have quite the little tribe, including Ernie, who’s eight, cheeky Louis at five, and little Elsie, the toddler tornado at 16 months.

But wait, there’s more drama. Richie, the rugby maestro, has gone and had himself another baby with Stephanie Thirkill, who, get this, happens to be the daughter of the big cheese over at Leeds Rhinos. Talk about mixing things up!

Helen Skelton’s Divorce Journey: The Final Chapter

Helen Skelton
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Now, rumor has it that our dear Helen, who’s got a knack for charming us all on TV, is not exactly doing the happy dance about this situation, especially when it comes to the kiddos. According to the grapevine, she’s heartbroken over a teensy issue involving their precious children.

Just a while back, Helen made headlines by declaring that she was stepping away from her gig at Radio 5. Why? Well, word on the street is Richie couldn’t lend a helping hand “as much as he would ideally like” with the rugrats.

An insider who doesn’t want to spill the beans on their identity spilled the beans anyway, saying, “Helen is a fighter and will always do the best for her children. But she’s been spread fairly wide in terms of taking care of the kids’ needs and, to put it bluntly, Richie is not matching her commitment.”

So, there you have it, folks. Love stories sometimes take unexpected twists and turns, even for celebrities. Let’s hope they can figure it all out and get back to cheering on their kiddos from the sidelines together.


1. Who is Helen Skelton, and what is she known for in the entertainment world? Helen Skelton is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, renowned for her work as a television presenter and her role on the show Countryfile.

2. Can you provide details about Helen Skelton’s marriage and family life with Richie Myler? Helen Skelton was married to Richie Myler, a rugby star, for nine years. Together, they have three children: Ernie, Louis, and Elsie.

3. When did Helen Skelton and Richie Myler announce their separation, and why did they decide to split? Helen Skelton and Richie Myler made their separation public in April 2022, shortly after the birth of their third child. The reasons for their split were not disclosed.

4. What is the significance of the term ‘decree nisi’ in Helen Skelton’s divorce proceedings? A ‘decree nisi’ is a legal term indicating that a divorce is in progress and nearing its finalization. It’s a preliminary step toward the official divorce decree.

5. What prompted Helen Skelton’s decision to step away from her Radio 5 show, and how did Richie Myler factor into this choice? Helen Skelton’s decision to leave her Radio 5 role was influenced by Richie Myler’s inability to assist with their children as much as she had hoped. This created a situation where she felt compelled to make certain sacrifices for her children’s sake.

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