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Ikea’s Affordable $39.99 Sjömärke Embeds Wireless Qi Charging Capability into Nearly Any Table / The Sjömärke Offers Under-Surface Charging for Your Wood or Plastic Furniture

ikea was among the pioneers in offering furniture equipped with wireless charging technology. However, what if your existing furniture doesn’t incorporate this feature? For those who desire unobtrusive Wireless Qi charging without the need to revamp their decor, a solution is coming next month. Introducing the Sjömärke, a wireless charging pad priced at $39.99, designed to integrate with the furniture you already possess.

The Sjömärke differs from typical Qi charging pads, which require you to place your phone or earbuds directly onto the mat. This seven-by-three-inch aluminum and plastic charger operates through wood or plastic, allowing you to adhere it to the underside of a table or shelf using the provided double-sided tape, or screws, which are not included.

wireless charger in furniture

wireless charger


As long as the device is mounted on a wooden or plastic object, it should securely transmit an electrical charge to your devices on the other side. The phone requires a minimum distance of approximately 8mm, and Ikea suggests using it with a surface thickness ranging from three-eighths to seven-eighths of an inch.

As per Ikea’s guidebook (pdf), it’s “Ideal for installation on a desk, end table, or bedside table when you want chargers and cables to seamlessly blend into the decor, maintaining a clean and orderly room.” Besides the adhesive tape, it comes with a six-foot power cord and stickers to denote the position of your new charging station.

The LED provides charging status, while temperature and power monitoring features ensure safety. It aligns with the latest Qi 1.2.4 baseline power profile, so you can anticipate its performance to be on par with standard 5W charging—there are no specific enhancements for Samsung, Google, or Apple devices. Regardless, it’s a convenient solution if you prefer to charge your phone by simply placing it on the desk where it usually resides without rearranging anything else. An Ikea representative confirmed to The Verge that the Sjömärke will be accessible in stores and online in the US and other nations starting in October.

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