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Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Love Life Heating Up Again? Actor Seen Chilling with 25-Year-Old Model, Sharing Ice-Cream and Iced Coffee to Beat the Heat, According to Reports

Guess who’s back in the news with his model entourage? Yes, you got it right! It’s the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio. The man can’t resist the company of young, stunning models, and he’s not about to let anyone forget it.

Just when we thought things might settle down after model Neelam Kaur Gill set the record straight about her alleged romance with Leo, the dashing star steps out with yet another model on his arm. This time, it’s Italian model Vittoria Ceretti. Hold on, folks, because we’ve got the scoop for you!

We all know Leo as that incredible actor from the Titanic who’s delivered some seriously unforgettable performances. But, let’s be real, his love life—especially his romantic escapades—always manages to keep us guessing.

Chilling with Leonardo DiCaprio: Ice-Cream, Iced Coffee, and 25-Year-Old Model Fun

Leonardo DiCaprio
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There’s even this wild theory going around that he only dates women under 25. Well, that theory took a hit when he was linked to Gigi Hadid, who, surprise, is older than that.

So, what’s the latest gossip? According to a report from Page Six, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted hanging out with the lovely model Vittoria Ceretti in sunny Santa Barbara, California. They seemed to be having a blast together, enjoying ice cream and iced coffee as they battled the heat.

Both Leo and Ceretti were keeping it cool in the fashion department, and guess what? Leo, the guy known for his “all-black everything” style, decided to switch things up for a change. Bravo!

Hold onto your hats—literally, Leo was rocking a baseball cap along with a blue mask to go incognito. It’s like he’s on a mission to go unnoticed. But hey, those stylish sunglasses couldn’t hide his charm, and honestly, he’s still got that heartthrob vibe going strong.

As for his partner-in-crime, Vittoria Ceretti, she clearly took some notes from Leo’s style book. She was all about that coordination, wearing a white crew-neck top with a black t-shirt underneath. And those black shorts? Nailed it. She brought a pop of color to the ensemble with green running shoes and a blue purse—breaking away from the black-and-white theme.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Model Companion: A Closer Look at His Latest Company

Leo and his model companion sauntering out of an ice cream parlor, enjoying every last bit of their frozen treats. Oh, and if you’re new to the Leo scene, let’s introduce you to Vittoria Ceretti.

She’s a big deal in the fashion world, discovered back in 2012 through the Elite Model Look competition. She even strutted her stuff for Giorgio Armani. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, there you have it—Leo, ice cream, a stylish duo, and a dash of Italian flair. Who knows where his model pursuits will take him next? One thing’s for sure, though: as long as there are models and ice cream, Leo’s adventures will keep us entertained and maybe even craving a scoop or two.


Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored new model companion?

Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen spending time with a 25-year-old model, adding to the speculation about his love life.

What were Leonardo DiCaprio and the model spotted doing together?

According to reports, Leonardo DiCaprio and the model were spotted enjoying ice-cream and iced coffee in an attempt to beat the heat.

Has Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating life always been surrounded by rumors?

Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio’s personal life, particularly his dating escapades, has often been the subject of rumors and speculations.

How does Leonardo DiCaprio’s style differ from his usual “all-black everything” look during this outing?

In a change from his usual style, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted wearing a different color palette, showcasing a more casual and colorful outfit.

Who is Vittoria Ceretti, the model seen with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Vittoria Ceretti is an Italian model who gained fame after being discovered through the Elite Model Look competition in 2012. She’s since made a name for herself in the fashion world, including working with Giorgio Armani.

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