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Miley Cyrus Describes the Dramatic Difference Between Her and Dad Billy Ray Cyrus When It Comes to Success

Miley Cyrus might have taken after her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, in the entertainment world, but they’re not always seeing things eye-to-eye. “When I came into the world, my dad was singing the top country song.”

When I look at the numbers, I just see real people behind them, having a blast with the tunes,” Miley, who’s 30 years old, shared in a TikTok video on a cozy Saturday, August 26. “I just see folks in those numbers.” Miley was born in November 1992, the same time Billy Ray’s “Achy Breaky Heart” was ruling the music charts.

Miley Cyrus: Navigating Success Through Different Lenses

“Dad grew up kind of opposite to me, and that’s why our views on fame and success are totally different,” Miley explained in the video. This video is a part of her “Used to Be Young” series, celebrating her new single of the same name.

“When a big crowd loves him, it hits him emotionally way harder than it does me. When he feels special or important, it’s like someone healing a boo-boo from childhood, while I’ve been treated like a star since forever. It gets me all emotional.”

The ex-Disney Channel star is the oldest child of Billy Ray, who’s 62, and his ex-wife Tish Cyrus. Tish has two other kids, Trace and Brandi, from a previous relationship, but Billy Ray adopted them. Miley often tagged along with her folks on their road trips.

“I’ve got a heap of fun memories of singing with dad and learning from him,” Miley mused in the clip. You could also catch this on her Hulu special, “Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions),” which aired on Friday, August 25. “I reckon I can see my brain gears turning, watching his voice and how he handles that music machine.”

She kept going, “I gotta say, I think dad didn’t get all the credit he deserved for his singing.” While Miley grew up watching her dad rock the country charts, she got her own time in the spotlight when she nabbed the role of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel’s show, Hannah Montana.

Billy Ray played her on-screen dad, but later on, he said the show “ruined” their family’s harmony. “Let me tell you straight up — that darn show wrecked my family. And I sit there and think, ‘Yeah, you know what? Some gave all.’ That’s my motto, and guess what? I gotta own up to it.

I gave it all when everyone else was heading to the bank. It’s all kinda sad,” he laid out in a 2011 story with GQ, admitting he wished that show never saw the light of day. “I’d snatch it back in a heartbeat. For my folks to be right here, everyone OK, safe and sound, and happy and normal — that would’ve been awesome. Heck yeah. I’d wipe it out in a flash if I could.”

Miley, on her part, jotted down on Instagram that “sometimes it feels like my life began” with the start of Hannah Montana. “But before the whole Hannah thing, there was just Miley. I used to dream about lighting up the world with laughs, music, and moments that stick around way past my time,” she wrote under her Instagram post.

“Years later, I’m still doing what I’m meant to because of the love my fans keep giving me.” Hannah Montana wrapped up in January 2011, not long after Billy Ray first started divorce proceedings with Tish, who’s 56. He pulled his divorce request a little while later, but Tish put it back on the table in 2013.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

They did come back together briefly before the music manager started the whole process again in April 2022. Since then, Billy Ray’s found love with singer Firerose, and they got engaged in November 2022. As for Tish, she tied the knot with actor Dominic Purcell earlier this month.

Miley played host to Tish and Purcell’s wedding at her place in Malibu, California. She was also a bridesmaid alongside her sister Brandi, who’s 36. Their brother Trace, 34, came too, but their younger siblings Braison, 29, and Noah, 23, didn’t show up for the ceremony.

“Tish will always love her kids, no matter what,” a source told Us Weekly in August. “She knows divorce can be tough, especially after being together with Billy Ray for so long.”

The source added, “Tish has never pushed her relationship with Dominic on any of her kids, and that’s not her style. She gets that it’s a big change for the whole family and doesn’t expect everyone to be totally on board with every step.”

FAQs About Miley Cyrus

How does Miley Cyrus view her father’s success in comparison to her own?

Miley Cyrus notes a significant contrast in their perspectives on fame and achievement. She explains that her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, emotionally connects to a large audience’s appreciation more deeply than she does.

What role did Miley’s father play in her musical journey?

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad, influenced her by sharing his musical talents and experiences. Miley fondly recalls singing alongside him and learning from his musical prowess during their joint travels.

Did Miley Cyrus find recognition for her father’s singing talent lacking?

Miley Cyrus believes her father’s vocal abilities weren’t fully appreciated. Despite his success in the country music scene, she thinks his singing skills deserved more acknowledgment.

How did the show “Hannah Montana” affect Miley Cyrus and her family?

The show “Hannah Montana,” in which Miley starred alongside her father Billy Ray Cyrus, brought her into the spotlight. However, Billy Ray later expressed regret, suggesting the show had a negative impact on their family dynamics.

What are the recent developments in Miley Cyrus’s family life?

Recent events include Billy Ray Cyrus’s engagement to singer Firerose and Tish Cyrus’s marriage to actor Dominic Purcell. Miley Cyrus hosted her mother’s wedding at her Malibu home, emphasizing her family’s enduring support amidst changes.

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