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Olivia Namath’s Story: Discovering Facts About Joe Namath’s Daughter

Who is Olivia Namath?

Olivia Namath is commonly referred to as the child of Deborah Mays and Joseph William Namath, two former professional soccer players from the United States. Mays is an American actress recognized for her role in the TV series The Greatest American Hero, which aired from 1981 to 1983. 

Quick Fact


Full name Olivia Namath
Date of birth 11 December 1990 
Age 33 years of age
Place of birth United States of America
Grandparent Janos Namath, Rose
Famous as A daughter of Joe Namath and Deborah Mays
Parent Joe Namath, Deborah Mays
Sex Female
Spouse Edwin Baker
Aunt Rita Sims
Uncles John Namath, Robert Namath, Frank Namath
Siblings Jessica Namath
Children’s Natalia


Bio of Olivia Rose Namath

Rose Namath was born in the United States on December 11, 1990. She is the second child of Deborah May, a seasoned American actress, and Joseph William Namath, a former American football quarterback. The only sibling she has is Jessica Namath.

Olivia Namath gained fame as the daughter of a well-known celebrity. After her parents divorced in 2000, she became raised by her father. She is a notorious young individual who has encountered various challenges in her life.

Olivia Namath family

Police arrested Olivia for possessing illegal substances

Olivia is the second daughter of Joe Namath and has attracted controversy and caused various problems since her teenage years.

In 2010, police pulled Olivia over for speeding in West Palm Beach, and she was taken into custody. In her car, officers found an open bottle of rum and marijuana. She was driving a silver Mercedes at the time and was just 19 years old. According to the police report, a deputy noticed what appeared to be marijuana in her car. Upon inspection, they discovered a package of leafy greens on the driver’s side floorboard, which tested positive for the suspected drug. They later found 200.5 grams of marijuana in bags in the vehicle’s trunk.

Olivia, however, claimed that she was unaware of the marijuana. That day, she was traveling with two male companions. Police arrested her and charged her with possession of alcohol and two counts of marijuana sales.


Bio of Rose Namath‘s early life

Olivia Namath grew up with her parents and sister, Jessica Namath, although nothing is known about Olivia’s early years or formal schooling. 

What is Olivia Namath’s career?

Many aspects of Olivia’s personal life have been kept private. She is famous for her acting work, particularly for her role in The Wedding Ringer. Olivia has had appearances in a number of films and TV series, but she has not provided any further information on her professional life.

What is Olivia Namath’s net worth?

Her net worth is still being assessed. Concerning her income sources, there is no trustworthy information. She does, however, probably share some of her mother’s estimated $18 million net worth and her father’s estimated $50 million net worth.

Summary of Olivia Namath‘s relationship.

Olivia Namath‘s relationship

In 2014, Olivia married Edward Baker, her longtime boyfriend, and they now have a daughter. Olivia gave birth to her first child, Natalia, in August 2007 in West Palm Beach when she was just 16 years old and still attending high school in Florida.

Her husband, Edward, had been arrested for robbing a McDonald’s restaurant, taking $10,000 by intimidating the staff. He was also jailed for possession of cocaine and marijuana. Despite Edward’s legal issues, Joe still accepts him as his son-in-law, recognizing his strong bond with Olivia.

Olivia’s father, Joe, may have found success on the football field, but his personal life was challenging. His youngest daughter, Olivia, faced various troubles growing up, including his divorce from her mother after 16 years of marriage.

Olivia’s husband, Edward, is an artist influenced by street art and finds inspiration from artists like Picasso and Basquiat.

Following the birth of her first child in 2003, Olivia was arrested by the police after they found marijuana and an open rum bottle in her car.

Bio of Olivia Namath‘s sibling, Jessica

Olivia Namath‘s sibling, Jessica

Olivia has only one sibling, an older sister named Jessica, who is four years her senior. Jessica graduated from the same university as her father, the University of Alabama.

Jessica, Olivia’s elder sister, married Brian Kennedy, and they have children together. In August 2019, Jessica filed for divorce after their relationship deteriorated.

Summary of Olivia Namath‘s mother,(Deborah Mays)

Olivia Namath’s mother is Deborah Mays Namath, an American actress, and model born September 1, 1964. Deborah started working at a young age and didn’t complete high school. Her most famous role was in the television series “The Greatest American Hero.

Deborah and Joe Namath became friends in 1983 when they both took singing lessons. Despite the age gap of 22 and 39, their love for each other wasn’t hindered. They dated for a while and married on November 7, 1984, in Florida, United States.

Throughout their marriage, Joe Namath struggled with alcohol abuse, and at one point, Mays decided to leave him if his destructive behavior didn’t change. Joe quit drinking for the sake of their relationship. However, after about 16 years of marriage, they decided to part ways in 2000.

The details of their divorce have remained private.

Olivia is the daughter of famous personalities

Olivia was born in 1991 in the United States of America. Her father, widely known, is the legendary American football quarterback Joe Namath, who played in Super Bowl III. Olivia’s mother, Deborah Mays, is a talented American actress. Olivia has only one sibling, an older sister named Jessica Namath. Joe Namath, Olivia’s father, is also an accomplished actor and has appeared in numerous productions, including C.C. and Company, The Last Rebel, The Wedding Ringer, and many more.

Deborah Mays, Olivia’s mother, and Joe Namath’s ex-wife, is 56 years old as of 2021. She was raised in Remington, Indiana. She is best known for her role in the science fiction comedy-drama series The Greatest American Hero (1981-1983). Additionally, she performed in a Chekhov play in Manhattan during the 1990s.

Olivia’s Parents’ Separation After Years of Togetherness

After raising two daughters, Joe and Mays’ relationship began to experience difficulties. In September of 1998, Deborah moved out of Joe’s home and relocated to California, where she fell in love with surgeon Brian Novack. Allegedly, Mays felt bored with Olivia’s father and developed feelings for Novack.

Olivia’s biological parents officially parted ways in 2000, with her father gaining sole custody of her and her sister. The father of two now lives on his 1.5-acre property in Tequesta, Florida. Joe’s residence boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a boat dock, and a swimming pool. Additionally, the Tequesta community offers a private 18-hole golf course.

Olivia And Her Sister Really Tested The Patience Of Their Parents

When his girls were between the ages of 12 and 17, according to Joe Namath in a 2005 interview with the New York Times, parenting them was the most difficult. The former football player referred to those years as tough and recalled times when it seemed like his daughters were not being realistic or rational.

However, he also noted that those moments were valuable for learning patience, active listening, and understanding. Olivia’s father acknowledged that even if he had grasped those moments rationally, it might not have made a difference during those years.

5 things you didn’t know about Olivia Namath

Her Mother Helped Her Father Get Sober

According to Joe Namath in a 2005 New York Times interview, raising his girls between the ages of 12 and 17 was the most challenging.

The former football player referred to those years as tough and recalled times when it seemed like his daughters were not being realistic or rational.

However, he also noted that those moments were valuable for learning patience, active listening, and understanding. Olivia’s father acknowledged that even if he had grasped those moments rationally, it might not have made a difference during those years.

What Is Olivia Namath Doing In The Present?

Olivia’s father, Joe Namath, isn’t as frequently spotted with her as Jessica is. This does not, however, imply that she is cut off from him. The former Super Bowl winner has accompanied Olivia to a number of Edwin’s art shows.

Olivia is quite private on social media, and it’s hard to find her on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Her husband also maintains a low-profile online. The couple has successfully avoided the tabloid spotlight, making it difficult to get insights into Olivia’s current lifestyle. She is, however, mostly concerned with being a mother and maybe assisting her husband in his creative ambitions.



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