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Peter Parker’s Various Suits in Into The Spider-Verse

Sony Pictures animated film, Into the Spider-Verse, showcases an extensive collection of Spider-Man suits belonging to Peter Parker. The movie features all of the suits worn by the character.

The trailers of Sony Pictures’ Into the Spider-Verse have given fans a glimpse of the different Spider-Man suits that will be featured in the animated movie. With Tom Holland’s Peter Parker joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the release of Into the Spider-Verse marks a new chapter for Sony’s Spider-Man films.

In the animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the story follows Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) as he takes on the mantle of being a superhero, inheriting the responsibilities that come with it. This marks Miles’ first appearance in a movie, following his introduction in the comic books in 2011. But Miles is not alone in his journey to save the multiverse, as he is joined by other Spider-beings, such as Spider-Man Noir (Nicholas Cage), Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn), and Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), who are also making their big-screen debut.

In Into the Spider-Verse, an older Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) joins forces with the other Spider-beings, bringing with him a collection of Spider-Man suits from his years of crime-fighting. These costumes are displayed in a hall of costumes, reminiscent of Iron Man’s armor suits. As the team takes refuge in his base, viewers can catch a glimpse of all the Spider-Man suits. Here is a guide to all the costumes seen in the movie so far.

The Classic Costume of Spider-Man


Spider Verse Peter Parker Spider Man EW Photo Header

Peter Parker’s traditional Spider-Man outfit is the first one that comes to mind. Without that well-known red and blue jumpsuit, the character wouldn’t be as recognizable to viewers. It was originally created by Steve Ditko for Spider-Man’s debut in 1962, and while it has undergone subtle changes over time, it remains instantly identifiable. The lenses have grown in size, the web design has become more angular, and the spider logo has undergone numerous variations. Nonetheless, the overall outline of the suit has remained constant.


Throughout Into the Spider-verse’s trailers, Peter is frequently seen wearing his classic Spider-Man costume, although it is rarely complete. Often, his boots, gloves, and mask are missing, and he wears an everyday jacket and trousers to supplement the incomplete look. It’s important to note that, unlike many modern versions of Spider-Man, this Peter Parker has not included any underarm webbing in his classic suit.

The Stealth Suit in Spider-Man Comics is known as “Big Time”

Spider Verse Peter Parker Spider Man EW Photo Header

The upcoming movie will feature Spider-Man’s Stealth Suit, also known as the Big Time costume, which stands out with its large, glowing green spider emblem. This suit was first introduced in the Big Time arc of 2010-11, making it one of the newest costumes in Spider-Man’s collection.

Similar to his other costumes, the Stealth Suit was also created by Spider-Man himself. However, what sets this suit apart is its various modes that can change the color of the costume’s eyes and logo. The red version of the suit is usually associated with Peter’s clone, Kaine. Additionally, the Stealth Suit has the capability to manipulate light and sound, which was effectively used by Spider-Man against the Hobgoblin in the Big Time arc. It’s unclear if these features and the suit itself will make an appearance in Into the Spider-Verse.

“Overview of Spider-Man’s Dusk Outfit”

Dusk Peter Parker Slingers Marvel Spider Man

In a recent trailer for Into the Spider-Verse, a black costume can be seen next to the Caped Costume. While it may look like Venom’s Symbiote suit at first, there are differences such as darkened lenses and the absence of a spider emblem on the chest. The only suit that fits this description comes from a storyline where Peter Parker wasn’t actually Spider-Man.

In the Identity Crisis arc during the late 1990s, Spider-Man faced a challenging time after being framed for murder by Norman Osborn. To continue fighting crime and prove his innocence, Peter assumed several new identities, including Hornet, Prodigy, and Ricochet. One of these new identities was Dusk, which he acquired during an adventure in the Negative Zone. The Dusk costume allowed Peter to blend into dark areas and had underarm “wings” that enabled him to glide for short distances. After clearing his name, Spidey retired the Dusk identity but kept the costume in storage. Into the Spider-Verse has replicated this by featuring the all-black Dusk outfit briefly in a trailer.

Spider-Man’s First Suit of Armor

Spider Armor MK

In Into the Spider-Verse, a brief glimpse of a subdued Spidey outfit is seen alongside the Dusk outfit. It bears a close resemblance to the Classic costume but with dark grey and black colors replacing the traditional red and blue tights. This suit could be either the Negative Zone costume or the first version of the Spider-Armor. However, given its placement next to the Mark II Armor in the display, it is more likely to be the Spider-Armor Mark I.

The initial Spider-Armor made its appearance only for a brief period in the primary Marvel universe when Peter developed it to fight against the New Enforcers. However, it quickly became a popular alternate costume, particularly after it was featured in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the 2000 Spider-Man video game.

Spider-Man’s Second Set of Armor

Spider Armor MK2

In the latest trailer of Into the Spider-Verse, the Spider-Armor Mark II is prominently displayed with a sleeker and shinier appearance than the previous version. It is noticeable that this version takes some design cues from the Big Time suit, particularly with its large spider emblem. The Mark II first appeared shortly after the Stealth Suit, providing Spidey with bulletproofing to compensate for the temporary loss of his Spider-Sense.

The role of Mark II in Into the Spider-Verse is not yet disclosed. However, given that Miles is still learning to use his powers, a suit with its features could help him fight against the Kingpin and other villains of the Spider team.

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