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Who is Shari Jordan? The Life and Legacy of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Step Mother

Shari Jordan, the late stepmother of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, had a life intertwined with one of the most disturbing criminal cases in American history. This article delves into the life of Shari Jordan, exploring her relationships, her role in the Dahmer family, and her experiences as she navigated the shocking revelations surrounding her stepson. From her career to her journey, we uncover the details of Shari’s life and her connection to the infamous Dahmer name.

Name: Shari Jordan
Birthdate: May 8, 1953
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Parents: Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller
Spouse: Lionel Dahmer
Marriage: 1978
Children: David Dahmer
Stepchildren: Jeffrey Dahmer
Profession: Not available
Net Worth: Not available
Death: 2012
Social Media: Not available
Legacy: Connected to Jeffrey Dahmer’s infamy and portrayed by Molly Ringwald in “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Netflix.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Early Life and Marriage

Shari Jordan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and was the daughter of Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller. In 1978, she married Lionel Dahmer, becoming his second wife. Their union lasted for forty years until Shari died in 2012. Before her marriage, Shari had a career in the business world, utilizing the Dahmer name professionally.

Stepmother to Jeffrey Dahmer

As the stepmother to Jeffrey Dahmer, Shari found herself in a complex family dynamic. She first met Jeffrey at his mother’s home in Columbus, Wisconsin, and immediately felt a desire to nurture and support him. Shari described Jeffrey as vulnerable, and despite his troubled past and the divorce of his parents, she believed he was skilled at disguising his true emotions. However, she later discovered his drinking problem and referred to him as a “closet alcoholic.”

The Dahmer Name and Career

While information about Shari’s specific career is limited, it is known that she utilized the Dahmer name in her professional endeavors. Despite the scandal surrounding her stepson’s horrifying crimes, Shari embraced the name in the business world. However, the impact of the Dahmer scandal on her career remains unknown.

Support for Jeffrey Dahmer

Throughout Jeffrey Dahmer’s highly publicized court appearances, Shari and her husband Lionel stood by him. They believed in his struggles with mental illness and maintained contact with him during his time behind bars. Shari, in particular, expressed that she saw a part of Jeffrey’s soul die years before his crimes came to light. Their unwavering support showcased a deep familial bond, despite the monstrous nature of his actions.

Life after Jeffrey’s Death

Following Jeffrey Dahmer’s death in prison, Lionel and Shari relocated to Ohio, where they lived a quiet life away from the public eye. Shari emphasized that they were no different from anyone else and found acceptance within their neighborhood. They hoped that their story would serve as a reminder for parents to monitor their children closely and be aware of any warning signs.

Shari Jordan’s Family

Shari Jordan's Family

In addition to their shared son David Dahmer, Lionel and Shari had a daughter from a previous relationship. Shari also became a grandmother to five children. While Shari embraced the Dahmer name, David reportedly distanced himself from it, wanting no association with his half-brother’s crimes.

Shari Jordan’s Death and Legacy

Shari Jordan passed away in 2012 at the age of 58, leaving behind cherished memories with loved ones. Her support for her family and her role as Jeffrey Dahmer’s stepmother will forever connect her to the infamous case. While her social media presence is unknown, her memory lives on through the support given to her family and the lessons learned from her experiences.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s paternal grandmother was Catherine A. Dahmer. She was the mother of Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father.


Shari’s life was entangled with the horrifying crimes committed by her stepson, Jeffrey Dahmer. Despite the dark legacy associated with the Dahmer name, Shari remained supportive of her family, believing in Jeffrey’s struggles with mental illness. Her journey, from her career to her relationships, offers insights into the complexities surrounding the Dahmer name.

Q: When and where was Shari Jordan born?

A: Shari Jordan was born on May 8, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Q: Who were Shari Jordan’s parents?

A: Shari Jordan’s parents were Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller.

Q: Who was Shari Jordan’s spouse?

A: Shari’s spouse was Lionel Dahmer.

Q: When did Shari Jordan marry Lionel Dahmer?

A: Shari married Lionel Dahmer in 1978.

Q: Did Shari Jordan have any children?

A: Yes, Shari Jordan had a son named David Dahmer.

Q: Who were Shari Jordan’s stepchildren?

A: Shari’s stepchild was Jeffrey Dahmer.

Q: When did Shari Jordan pass away?

A: Shari Jordan passed away in 2012.

Q: How is Shari Jordan remembered?

A: Shari Jordan is connected to Jeffrey Dahmer’s infamy and was portrayed by Molly Ringwald in “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Netflix.

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