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Resurgent Phillies: Former Met Taijuan Walker Secures Sixth Consecutive Victory

The Mets might be feeling remorseful for not vigorously pursuing Taijuan Walker during the offseason. As a seasoned right-handed pitcher, Walker contributed to a Mets team that achieved remarkable success last season, winning 101 games and reaching the playoffs.

Taijuan Walker’s Dominant Streak: Six Consecutive Wins for the Phillies

Presently, he has secured his sixth consecutive victory for the Phillies. On Wednesday night, Philadelphia triumphed over the leading Tampa Bay Rays with an 8-4 score, extending their road winning streak to 11 games. This impressive streak ranks as the third-longest in Phillies history, trailing behind a 13-game sequence in 1976 and a 12-game stretch that encompassed the 1887 and 1888 seasons.

Walker has emerged as a crucial figure in the recent revitalization of the Phillies, whose record stands at 46-39, placing them in third position in the NL East. They currently trail the division-leading Braves by 11.5 games but maintain a comfortable 6.5-game lead over the fourth-place Mets.

In his most recent performance, Walker faced some challenges and did not showcase his finest form. However, he persevered and delivered a commendable seven-inning outing despite conceding four runs and five hits within the first three frames. Despite the early struggles, Walker managed to hold his ground and provide a solid contribution to the team’s performance.

“Effectively Wild”: Walker’s Pitching Style Shines in Recent Starts

The right-hander, currently holding a 10-3 record with a 4.02 ERA this season, showcased a mix of control and effectiveness in his performance. Despite walking five batters, he also struck out eight. Phillies manager Rob Thomson, whose team has achieved an impressive 21-7 record in their last 28 games, playfully described Walker as “effectively wild.”

In his five previous starts, Walker had been on an exceptional run, allowing a mere three runs over 32 innings. The 30-year-old veteran expressed his pride in finding his rhythm after a challenging start to the game. He acknowledged that things could have been worse, particularly with five walks, especially against a team known for their scoring capabilities. However, he managed to produce crucial shutdown innings towards the end of the game.

It’s worth noting that Walker, who signed a four-year, $72 million contract with the Phillies in December, had previously expressed interest in returning to the Mets during the Phillies’ road trip to Citi Field in early June, as he told The Post.

Reflecting on his decision to join the Phillies, Walker mentioned that there was limited communication with the Mets, while the Phillies displayed consistent interest and demonstrated a strong desire to acquire him. He expressed his appreciation for a team that genuinely wanted him and made a significant effort to secure his services, emphasizing that such support can be uplifting for a player.

During his two seasons with the Mets, Walker achieved a record of 19-16 with a 3.98 ERA. He earned an All-Star Game selection as a replacement in 2021, highlighting his performance and recognition within the league.

In the game, Bryson Stott stood out with four hits, while J.T. Realmuto and Alec Bohm contributed three hits each. The Phillies recorded a total of 17 hits, providing ample support to secure Walker’s tenth victory. Bryce Harper also continued his strong form, obtaining two hits for the fifth consecutive game.


Q: How has Taijuan Walker performed since joining the Phillies?
A: Since joining the Phillies, Taijuan Walker has been in excellent form, securing six consecutive victories. He has made a significant impact on the team and has been a key contributor to their recent success.

Q: How did Walker fare during his time with the Mets?
A: During his tenure with the Mets, Walker had a record of 19-16 with a 3.98 ERA. He also earned an All-Star Game selection as a replacement in 2021, highlighting his accomplishments with the team.

Q: What led to Walker’s decision to join the Phillies?
A: According to Walker, the Phillies showed strong interest in him from the beginning and made a concerted effort to acquire him. Their enthusiasm and desire to have him on their team played a significant role in his decision.

Q: How has Walker’s pitching style contributed to his recent success?
A: Walker has been described as “effectively wild,” showcasing a combination of control and effectiveness on the mound. Despite occasional walks, he has managed to grind out solid performances and deliver crucial innings for the Phillies.

Q: How has the Phillies’ lineup supported Walker’s performances?
A: The Phillies’ lineup has provided ample run support for Walker. In particular, players like Bryson Stott, J.T. Realmuto, Alec Bohm, and Bryce Harper have contributed with multiple hits in games, aiding in Walker’s success on the mound.

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