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Tanner Cook’s Prank Videos and the Shooting Incident

Tanner Cook’s notorious prank videos had caught the attention of security personnel at the Dulles Town Center, a mall in northern Virginia, where he often found unsuspecting targets for his antics.

The content creator’s reputation extended to law enforcement as well. When a sheriff’s deputy discovered Cook, shot and bleeding outside the mall, he immediately recognized the prankster.

However, Alan Colie, the man accused of shooting Cook during his latest joke, found the pranks unfamiliar, bewildering, and aggravating.

tanner cook
Tanner Cook

Tanner Cook, boasting over 50,000 subscribers to his “Classified Goons” prank channel on YouTube, testified for the first time about the shooting incident that transpired inside the mall. The event triggered a massive police response and incited panic among witnesses who reported an active shooter.

Tanner Cook:The Shooting Incident 

During his testimony, Cook admitted that he and a companion approached Colie at the mall’s food court, while two others filmed the prank from a short distance.

The prank involved toying with a Google Translate app, leaving Colie baffled by the humorous words exchanged.

However, during cross-examination, Cook conceded that he placed his phone uncomfortably close, a mere six inches, to Colie’s face while the translate app repeatedly uttered the phrase “Hey dips—, stop thinking about my sparkle” in both English and Spanish.

Colie tried to create distance from the towering 6-foot-5 Tanner Cook (196 cm), uttering “no” and “stop” while attempting to push Cook’s arm away, but Cook persisted in approaching him.

Subsequently, when they were briefly apart, Colie drew a handgun and shot Cook in the abdomen. In the aftermath, Cook found himself in a state of shock, initially not feeling the impact of the gunshot.

Tanner Cook quickly fled the food court and eventually collapsed outside a Cheesecake Factory, seeking refuge. Sheriff’s deputies found him there and rushed him to the hospital, where it was discovered that the gunshot had ruptured his liver, leaving him scarred.

Meanwhile, law enforcement apprehended Colie at the food court without resistance. The charges against him include aggravated malicious wounding and the use of a firearm in committing a felony. He currently remains incarcerated, awaiting trial.

During the preliminary hearing at Loudoun County General District Court, Adam Pouilliard, Colie’s lawyer, contended that his client’s actions were reasonable considering the circumstances. He argued that Cook’s pranks intentionally caused fear, confusion, and frustration, justifying Colie’s response.

On the contrary, prosecutor Eden Holmes refuted the notion, stating that Colie’s reaction to the prank was far from reasonable, given that Cook and his associates were merely holding cellphones, not weapons.

Cook disclosed that he had been posting pranks online for approximately a year, attempting to evade mall security while filming the Colie prank, as he had encountered them in the past. A review of his YouTube channel revealed a series of unsettling stunts, such as simulating vomiting on Uber drivers and trailing unsuspecting customers through department stores.

When asked about his motivation for posting these videos, Cook expressed his desire to provide some relief to his viewers, noting that many of them enjoyed witnessing frustration captured on camera.

After the hearing, the judge concluded that there was probable cause to proceed with the case, sending it to a grand jury for indictment. While acknowledging that Cook’s behavior might have been obnoxious, the judge asserted that such conduct alone did not warrant the use of deadly force by Colie.

FAQ – 

What kind of pranks did Tanner Cook post on his YouTube channel?

Tanner Cook’s YouTube channel, “Classified Goons,” featured audacious and off-putting pranks, such as pretending to vomit on Uber drivers and following unsuspecting customers through department stores.

Why did security guards at the Dulles Town Center recognize Tanner Cook?

Security guards at the Dulles Town Center recognized Tanner Cook because his prank videos often targeted unsuspecting individuals within the mall premises.

What led to the shooting incident involving Alan Colie and Tanner Cook?

The shooting incident occurred when Tanner Cook and his team approached Alan Colie at the mall’s food court to execute a prank involving a Google Translate app. Colie’s confusion and discomfort escalated, leading to the unfortunate use of a firearm.

What were the charges filed against Alan Colie after the shooting incident?

Alan Colie faced charges of aggravated malicious wounding and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

What was the judge’s ruling on the case during the preliminary hearing?

The judge found probable cause to proceed with the case and decided to send it to a grand jury for indictment. He acknowledged Cook’s behavior might have been obnoxious, but he emphasized that it did not justify the use of deadly force by Colie.

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