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Technology Professionals Might Benefit from Labor Strategies of Hollywood’s Screenwriters

While TechCrunch may not typically delve into labor-related discussions, it’s evident that many of the ongoing conversations in the tech industry are beginning to overlap with areas beyond the fundamental aspects of technology. As technology becomes intrinsically linked with geopolitical events, warfare, and youth safety, addressing major tech issues now requires a broader perspective, particularly on its impact on the general population.

This intersection is observable in the ongoing Hollywood Screenwriter protest in Hollywood. Here, a vast group of creatives is advocating not just for better remuneration for their efforts, but also for a more fitting role in the evolving landscape of digital streaming.

The transformations in the entertainment industry, prompted by advancements in technology like streaming services, have reshaped the financial dynamics of TV shows and films. This shift necessitates a reevaluation of the traditional relationships between the entertainment sector and its workforce. Writers are responding to these changes by laying down their tools and protesting against what they perceive as a threat to their livelihoods.

The income generation model for studios has significantly transformed. Streaming services are overtaking traditional TV advertising and cinema ticket sales. While studios are adjusting to these changes, their workforce also seeks to adapt. However, as observed by Hamilton Nolan, studios seem to prefer viewing their employees as expendable assets that can be exploited, exhausted, and discarded according to the whims of business operations.

A union provides employees with the capacity to adjust to industry shifts, mirroring the flexibility that companies already possess. Despite studios seemingly wanting to abandon their workforce in this transition, unions equip workers with collective strength to voice their stance: “No. You will not leave us behind. We are part of this journey.”

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