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“TikTok Trials Music-Streaming Service in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore”

As of the current date in 2023, TikTok, the popular short video app, is making further strides in the music industry by introducing its subscription-based music streaming service to select users in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. This expansion follows the recent launch of TikTok Music in Indonesia and Brazil earlier this month.

With this new subscription-based music streaming service, TikTok aims to provide its users with a seamless and enhanced music experience. The platform has garnered immense popularity worldwide, and its foray into music streaming is expected to attract even more music enthusiasts and content creators.

As of now, specific details about the features and pricing of the subscription service have not been disclosed. However, the launch in these additional countries indicates TikTok commitment to expanding its music-related offerings and solidifying its position in the global music market.

For users in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore, this means they will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of music content within the TikTok ecosystem, further enhancing their engagement with the app and allowing them to connect with artists, discover new tracks, and create their own music-centric content.

Overall, TikTok venture into music streaming represents a strategic move by the company to diversify its offerings and continue its impressive growth trajectory in the ever-evolving digital entertainment landscape.

TikTok Music: Expanding Globally with Test Launch in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore

TikTok has officially announced the commencement of its closed beta test for TikTok Music in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. Users in these countries are being invited to participate in the beta test, allowing them to get an early glimpse and hands-on experience of the new music streaming service. As part of this special offer, participants will receive a complimentary three-month trial period to explore and evaluate the service.

Mexico, in particular, holds significant importance for TikTok as it stands as the fourth-largest market for the platform. According to DataReportal, the country boasts an impressive user base of 62.4 million active users who are 18 years old and above. The only countries with larger user bases on TikTok are the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil, with 116.5 million, 113 million, and 84.1 million active users, respectively.

By conducting the closed beta test in these diverse markets, TikTok aims to gather valuable feedback from a diverse set of users. This feedback will be instrumental in refining and optimizing the music streaming service before its full-fledged launch in these countries and potentially other regions as well.


With the inclusion of music streaming, TikTok continues to diversify its offerings, tapping into the immense popularity of music-related content on its platform. The company’s expansion into music streaming is likely to further strengthen its position as a leading social media and entertainment platform globally. As the closed beta progresses, TikTok will likely refine and improve its music service, offering users an enriched musical experience and more opportunities to connect with artists and music content.

TikTok is actively strategizing to boost its growth in markets beyond the United States, where it has faced challenges such as Montana becoming the first state to ban the app. Additionally, TikTok is currently banned in India, another significant market where it once enjoyed substantial popularity. To overcome these obstacles and expand its reach, TikTok CEO has expressed a commitment to investing “billions of dollars” in Southeast Asia over the next few years. This region presents significant potential for the platform’s growth and user engagement.

With the introduction of TikTok Music, the app is looking to further enhance its offerings and increase user engagement. By allowing users to sync the new music-streaming service to their TikTok accounts, the company aims to provide a seamless and integrated music experience within the app. This move can attract more music enthusiasts and content creators, offering them greater opportunities to create and discover music-related content.

Despite facing challenges in some markets, TikTok global popularity and influence remain strong. By focusing on growth in regions like Southeast Asia and diversifying its services with features like TikTok Music, the company is positioning itself to maintain its position as a leading social media and entertainment platform worldwide. As TikTok continues to evolve and adapt, it is likely to bring innovative features to its users and explore new avenues for expansion and engagement.

According to a spokesperson, TikTok Music represents a unique and innovative music service that brings together the music discovery capabilities of TikTok with a comprehensive music streaming platform. By integrating these features, TikTok Music offers users access to millions of tracks from thousands of artists.


The primary goal of TikTok Music is to facilitate a seamless experience for users, enabling them to not only discover new music through TikTok but also listen to, share, and download the songs they come across on the platform. This integration allows users to have easy access to the music they enjoy, fostering a deeper connection between TikTok short video content and the music behind it.

Moreover, TikTok Music enables users to share their favorite tracks and artists with their TikTok community. This feature enhances the social aspect of music discovery and encourages users to engage with each other over shared musical interests.

By offering a blend of music discovery and streaming capabilities, TikTok Music aims to provide its users with a comprehensive and immersive musical experience. This move further strengthens TikTok position as a prominent social media and entertainment platform with a focus on music-related content and interactions.

Indeed, TikTok Music’s launch positions it as a formidable competitor to existing music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music, which currently dominate the markets where TikTok Music is being introduced. For instance, Spotify holds a significant share of music subscriptions in Mexico, accounting for over 80% of the market.

TikTok foray into music streaming is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its presence and offerings in the music industry. On Tuesday, the company announced an expanded licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, indicating its commitment to securing the necessary music rights and partnerships with major record labels.

In line with its expansion strategy, TikTok -owner ByteDance made a strategic decision to shut down its standalone music-streaming service, Resso, in Indonesia and Brazil. This move came after the introduction of TikTok Music, suggesting a consolidation of music-related services under the TikTok brand. To ensure a smooth transition for its Resso users, the company allowed them to transfer their accounts to TikTok Music instead, providing continuity and familiarity for those users.

TikTok’s growing efforts in the music streaming arena showcase its ambition to become a significant player in the global music market. By combining its popular music discovery platform with a full-fledged music streaming service, TikTok is leveraging its extensive user base and engagement to compete with established streaming services. This move allows the company to tap into the immense potential of the music industry while continuing to offer users an enriched musical experience on its platform. As TikTok Music evolves and expands its offerings, it will undoubtedly present a compelling alternative to the dominant music streaming services in the markets it targets.

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