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Fantasy Football 2023: Who Should Be the Second Tight End Drafted After Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce: Certainly, the connection between Brock Purdy and George Kittle is worth noting. In the final six weeks of the previous season, Purdy threw 13 touchdown passes, and an impressive seven of those were caught by Kittle. This statistic highlights the chemistry between the two players and suggests a strong rapport on the field.

The ability to consistently find the end zone together is a positive sign for fantasy football owners considering George Kittle as a valuable option at the tight end position. Such chemistry can lead to increased scoring opportunities and higher fantasy production, making Kittle an appealing choice for those seeking a reliable and productive tight end.

Indeed, George Kittle has a proven track record with two 80-catch, 1,000-yard seasons to his credit. This establishes his potential as an elite tight end in fantasy football. Furthermore, Kittle recently set a new career high in touchdown receptions, demonstrating his ability to find the end zone with increased frequency.

If Brock Purdy, Kittle’s quarterback, returns to action in September as anticipated, it bodes well for Kittle’s fantasy outlook. Positive news regarding Purdy’s status adds to the confidence that Kittle will continue to be a significant contributor in the San Francisco 49ers’ offense. With Purdy under center, it is reasonable to expect Kittle to surpass 900 receiving yards and record double-digit touchdowns.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce

Considering Kittle’s established production, his ability to rack up yards, and his increased touchdown potential, he presents an enticing fantasy option at the tight end position. Fantasy football owners can have confidence in his ability to deliver strong numbers and be a valuable asset to their teams.

It is widely recognized that the tight end position in fantasy football tends to rely heavily on touchdown production. In this context, George Kittle stands out as a strong candidate to lead the position in touchdown receptions in the 2023 season. Kittle has consistently demonstrated his ability to find the end zone throughout his career, including setting a new career high in touchdown receptions recently.

Given Kittle’s track record, his chemistry with quarterback Brock Purdy, and the potential positive outlook for both players, it is reasonable to expect Kittle to continue his success in scoring touchdowns. His combination of skills, athleticism, and rapport with his quarterback positions him as a top contender to lead the tight end position in touchdown receptions in the upcoming fantasy season.

Considering the importance of touchdown production at the tight end spot, fantasy owners can have confidence in Kittle’s ability to deliver in this area and provide a significant boost to their fantasy teams.

Fantasy managers have often tried to label George Kittle as injury-prone. However, it is important to note that Kittle has played in 29 regular-season games over the past two years, which is the same number as T.J. Hockenson. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Mark Andrews, another top tight end, has also dealt with his fair share of injuries in the past.

If fantasy managers are downgrading Kittle solely based on vague concerns about his availability without any specific current issues, their process may be flawed. It is crucial to evaluate a player’s injury history and assess the current situation before making any judgments. Kittle’s recent track record suggests that he has been able to stay on the field and contribute to his team.

While Travis Kelce remains the clear-cut number one tight end in fantasy football, George Kittle is considered his strongest challenger. Both analysts, Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon, seem to agree that the University of Iowa has produced exceptional tight ends, establishing Kittle’s pedigree in the position.

Evaluating the Top Contenders: Tight Ends to Consider After Travis Kelce

Overall, Kittle’s injury history should be evaluated objectively, and fantasy managers should focus on his proven production and potential impact rather than overly emphasizing vague availability concerns. When healthy, Kittle has shown the ability to deliver impressive fantasy numbers and establish himself as one of the top tight ends in the game.

The Minnesota Vikings made an uncommon in-division midseason trade to acquire T.J. Hockenson last year, highlighting their strong desire for him. Hockenson quickly became a significant part of the Vikings’ passing game, showcasing his value as a secondary pass-catching option. From Week 9 through the team’s playoff loss, Hockenson commanded a 21.3% target share, even becoming the primary read in certain situations when Justin Jefferson faced double coverage. Hockenson’s average of 0.26 targets per route run was only 0.02 behind Jefferson, emphasizing his involvement in the offense.

Despite the arrival of Jordan Addison, it is expected that Hockenson will continue to be a major part of the Vikings’ offensive scheme. While Adam Thielen may have shown signs of decline last year, he still ran a significant number of routes and remained an important component of the offense. In contrast, Addison is a rookie, while Hockenson brings a veteran presence and established chemistry within the Vikings’ system.

Considering these factors, Hockenson’s role in the offense is unlikely to change dramatically. The Vikings recognize his value and have integrated him into their game plan. With his experience and timing within the team, Hockenson is poised to continue his significant contributions as a key pass-catching option for the Vikings, even with the addition of Jordan Addison.

T.J. Hockenson had a productive season last year, coming close to reaching 1,000 receiving yards. However, there is an expectation that he could surpass that milestone in the upcoming season. With a bit of luck in the touchdown column, Hockenson has the potential to exceed expectations and have a breakout year.

Travis Kelce: Although Kirk Cousins had a slightly underwhelming performance in terms of touchdown passes last season, there is optimism that he will progress in Year 2 of Kevin O’Connell’s offensive system. As Cousins becomes more comfortable and acclimated to the playbook, it is anticipated that the offense as a whole will benefit, including Hockenson’s red zone opportunities.

If Hockenson can receive improved touchdown production, it could significantly elevate his fantasy value. With his talent, versatility, and the potential for increased scoring opportunities in the Vikings’ offense, Hockenson has the chance to deliver impressive numbers and emerge as a top-tier tight end in fantasy football.

It is indeed interesting that neither of us has Mark Andrews as the second-ranked tight end behind Travis Kelce, with him being ranked third. While opinions may differ among fantasy analysts, it is important to consider the various factors that could impact a player’s fantasy value.

Travis Kelce: In the case of Mark Andrews, there is a possibility that one of the wide receivers in Baltimore could emerge as the top option in the passing game. The addition of Rashod Bateman, Zay Flowers, and the potential involvement of Odell Beckham Jr. brings a level of uncertainty to Andrews’ target share and overall production.

If one of these wideouts performs exceptionally well and establishes themselves as the go-to receiver for the Ravens, it could potentially affect Andrews’ fantasy output. However, it is worth noting that Andrews has been a consistent and reliable target for Lamar Jackson in recent seasons, and he has developed a strong rapport with the quarterback.

While acknowledging the possibility of a shifting hierarchy in the Ravens’ receiving corps, it is essential to monitor the situation closely and adjust expectations accordingly. Andrews’ proven production and chemistry with Jackson still make him a valuable fantasy option at the tight end position, but the emergence of a standout wide receiver could impact his target volume and overall fantasy value.

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