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Trump’s Leadership PAC Dishes Out Over $40 Million in Legal Fees Amid Indictments

Former President Donald Trump’s political action committee, Save America, has been throwing around money like it’s going out of style! We’re talking big bucks, folks – a whopping $40 million on legal fees just this year! And that’s not all, they’re expected to drop that big number on the Federal Election Commission’s desk soon.

Seems like Trump’s PAC has a soft spot for legal costs, like they’re going for a world record or something. Last year, they threw $16 million at their legal issues, but hey, that’s old news. This year, they’re turning it up to eleven!

Now, let me explain how they’re getting all this dough – most of it’s coming from small-dollar donations from Trump’s loyal supporters. So, you see, when you donate to Save America, you’re not just contributing to political action, you’re funding a legal drama extravaganza!

I mean, who needs Netflix when you can have Trump’s legal battles to binge-watch? They got charges flying left and right, like a Fourth of July fireworks display!

And Trump’s team is like, “We need to defend our former leader and his inner circle from those evil cronies of Joe Biden!” Yeah, it’s a battle of epic proportions, like good vs. evil, only with legal bills instead of lightsabers.

They say all this money is crucial because Trump’s legal problems are multiplying like rabbits at a carrot farm. He’s got charges on charges, like it’s a game of legal bingo.

The latest scoop – a special counsel named Jack Smith brought new charges against Trump, his buddy Walt Nauta, and another guy named Carlos De Oliveira. It’s about some classified documents mess, and it even involves a disappearing security footage saga! Now, that’s what I call thrilling courtroom drama!

But hey, let’s not forget the heroes in this story – the attorneys fighting tooth and nail to keep Trump’s gang out of trouble. And guess who’s picking up the tab? You got it – Trump’s money-making machine, the Save America PAC!

Now, Trump’s team is cooking up something to save their wallets from total annihilation – a legal defense fund! They’re calling it the Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc. Ooh, fancy name! It’s like they’re setting up a superhero league, but instead of capes, they got legal briefs.

This fund’s going to help some of Trump’s aides and employees who are caught up in their own investigations. You know, the ones related to the January 6 grand jury thingy and the whole voter fraud fuss in Georgia. It’s like a “Buy One, Get One Free” deal – donate to Save America, and you get a chance to defend Trump’s crew too!

And to top it all off, they got Michael Glassner leading the pack. A Trump associate and adviser, he’s got a reputation for handling tricky situations. It’s like assembling the Avengers of the courtroom!

So there you have it, folks – Trump’s PAC is going full blast, fighting legal battles with a humorously huge budget. And with all these twists and turns, who knows what the next episode will bring? Stay tuned for more legal drama, brought to you by Save America – where every dollar counts, especially when it’s in millions!

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