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Unknown Facts About Edge Of Alaska That Will Surprise You

Here are some lesser-known facts about Edge of Alaska that reveal what goes on behind the scenes of the reality show.

Edge of Alaska is a television series on Discovery Channel that takes place in the small town of McCarthy, Alaska, and showcases the daily lives of its forty residents, as part of the network’s lineup of shows set in the titular state.

The show follows the lives of the residents of McCarthy, Alaska, a small town with only forty residents. Some of the residents aim to turn the area into a tourist town, constructing hotels and other attractions to attract business. Meanwhile, others prefer to lead quiet, peaceful lives and strive to prevent their small town from gaining any extra attention.

The final season of Edge of Alaska aired in November 2017, ending a four-year run that featured a beloved cast of characters. Among them were Jeremy Keller and his wife Alison, who lived as farmsteads and preferred the outdoors to the city. Neil Darish, a businessman who moved to McCarthy with the goal of attracting visitors, was also a prominent figure on the show. Other town residents, including local mother Jenny Rosenbaum and bush pilot Jason Lobo, were frequently featured as well.

Edge of Alaska is a reality show that provides a glimpse into the lives of the residents of McCarthy, Alaska. Although it presents an accurate portrayal of their day-to-day activities, there are still a number of fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets that were not revealed on the show, some of which may have been deliberately concealed to increase viewership.

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